Murder Mystery Party!

Murder Mystery Party

“… Roses to you and your super team for Murder Mystery Night!
We had a wonderful and exciting evening!…”
C.S., Dr. Pepper Company

From quarterly meetings to family reunions, to team building events, give us information about your family, business, or organization and we’ll incorporate as much as we can into a Murder Mystery Party or live entertainment event. Have a guest you specifically want to be included in a game show? No Problem! Want a script custom written for your corporate comedy event? No Problem! Need us to travel to your private murder mystery party location? No Problem! Need your event to be enjoyable for all ages? No Problem! Do you have problems with your problems? No Problem!
Murder Mystery Party

Become part of the action or become an actual suspect in our interactive
Murder Mystery Parties! We have 2 exciting styles of Murder Mystery Parties
for you to chose from.
Where we do the killing!
Where you do the killing!