Trivia Challenge
Trivia Challenge Available Only In Dallas!

See if your team can be the kings and queens of pop-culture in this Jeopardy-style game show!

Come experience the thrill of participating in a real live Game
Show with thousands of trivia questions, electronic lockout
podiums, professional audio system, and our comedic hosts. Players are divided into teams and practice flexing their trivia muscles
by being the first to answer the questions and earn points!
We can also custom write a game which uses your
training material for the questions. You can then put your
guests to the test or have fun watching spoof celebrities
play the game ala Hollywood Squares! Available in
Dallas, only.

Whether your guests play Trivia Challenge just for fun,
tournament-style, or as part of their Corporate Training,
they will have a blast trying to guess the answers to the
audio-prompted questions. Those guests in the audience
will also have fun, trying not to yell out the answers!

Includes: Complete Game ~ Director,   Running Time: 1-3 hours
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