Scavenger Hunt

Custom Designed Team Building Scavenger Hunts Take Photos! Collect Items!Find Facts! Have Fun!

Guests are divided into teams and then each team is given a clue list. The list can contain specific items they need to find, photographs they have to take, or facts they have to obtain. They are then given a predetermined amount of time to collect as many of the items as possible. Points are
awarded for each item collected.
Points vary according to the
difficulty of collecting the
item. Bonus items are also offered as a way
to collect extra points. Let us write a
custom team building scavenger hunt for
your next corporate event or family affair!

Our custom written hunts are the perfect team
building activity for groups who want to improve
their skills regarding team strategizing, working
under pressure, working as a team, and goal setting.
The game can accommodate corporate events for
any group size.

Includes: Complete Game ~ Director,   Running Time: 1-3 hours
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