Identity Crisis!

You and your team will help create the identity of the next Presidential Candidate, New Product, Sport's Team, or other exciting celebrity!

Identity Crisis is a fun way for your guests or employees to work together in a think fast on their feet team building experience. Your group will be divided into teams and then each team will be given a specific amount of time to create a marketing campaign for a specific theme. These themes can range anywhere from marketing a famous celebrity or new sports team to discovering a new
planet. Each team will be given a “supply bag” full of useful
tools and a marketing packet with a list of items to design
which include slogans,
interviews, clothing, and other
crazy challenges which will help in
marketing their theme. At the end of the
design session each team will then present
their ideas to the entire group. Team building has
never been so much fun!

Identity Crisis is the perfect team building activity for
groups who want to improve their skills regarding
meeting deadlines, being creative under pressure, and exposing the talents of each team member to its fullest potential. The game can accommodate corporate events for any group size.

Includes: Complete Game ~ Director,   Running Time: ?-? hours
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