Western Shows

Tippy tie yi yo, git along little doggy.

Let MMP offer your guests a taste of the west with their old fashioned melodramas and mystery comedies. We can even rustle up some atmosphere characters for your event, complete with outlaws and saloon girls. Whatever your needs, MMP can help you recreate the spirit of the Wild West!

Melodramas Melodramas

Boo the villain, cheer the sheriff, and throw popcorn at the actors!  Our audience inclusive comedies are perfect for all ages.  Book a melodrama for anything from family reunions to corporate events.

Mystery Comedies Mystery Comedies
Holster your guns and try to catch yourself an outlaw! You can also get into the action by becoming an honorary Saloon Girl or Professional Gunslinger.  Our comedies will have you laughing your guns off!

Atmosphere Characters Atmosphere Characters
Mingle with Gunslingers and Saloon Girls or become one yourself!  Our professional actors will give your guests a true taste of the Wild West at your next special event.  Contact your local Director for availability.

Western Atmosphere Western Atmosphere
Stage Coaches, Chuck wagons, Homemade Ice Cream, and more!  We provide the horses and wagons – you have all the fun! Create an event where your guests take a fun-filled step back into time! Contact your local Director for availability.

kids westerns Kids Westerns
Kids of all ages can join the fun in this crazy comedy show!  From yelling out answers to helping characters make the grade, your students will love watching these western characters come to life before their eyes!